Dbisiw Tech Academy

Learn and Pass Examinations With Technology

Be Prepared

Be prepared for all kinds of quizzes and examinations by testing yourself before the actual test

Be Smarter

Be smart in your preparations by using Technology as a tool. Get a lot of preparations done quickly in no time

Be Informed

Be informed about life after school and exams. The idea is to use tech to save you time, so you have time to look beyond school and exams

Be Global

Competition is global, so live locally but think globally. This platform aims to help you with exactly that. Its not just about exams

Why Douglas Tech Academy?

Before I answer the why, I want to talk a little about myself. I'd say I'm lucky I went to some of the best schools, Prempeh College, so naturally I kind of had no difficulty passing these examinations. I had the best teachers, class mates, and facilities. However, I feel like when I was in school, at the end of the day, it was all about passing these examinations and tests. I think that sucks. so why Douglas Academy ? this is my attempt to give out the kind of education I wish I had growing up. Trust me, it wouldn't be about examinations, but since it looks like examinations are going to stick around, this is my attempt to use technolgoy and other tools to make exams so easy that students will not have to think about it, so they have the time and energy to focus on learning the skills and knowlege needed for the real life out there. The real life is really not about these exams or memorisaton of facts. Its more about identify and solving problems, and much more.

Get Motivated
I will try to motivate you and inspire you to reach your maximum potential
Gain The Knowledge
Gain all the knowledge required to passing exams with ease and the knowlege and pointers to look beyond school.
Share with Others
Try to learn as much as you can, and share/teach what you have learn as much as possible. Together we make the world a better place through sharing and caring. Invite your student friends to visit this page, I will try to put as much stuff as I can here, especially on the blog.

Meet Douglas

You can find me on Linkedin with same name. And I will try to put as much information here as possible, and try to explain clearly that you will not have to contact me But in case you do, you can send me an email at bisiw@cheerful.com